May 30, 2018 brooke

County commissioners hope to provide property tax relief

Out of the four major in state hospital systems in the state of Texas, the University Hospital System in Bexar County is the lowest in utilizing property taxes, and now may be going even lower.

According to Judge Nelson Wolff, a major tax break could be on the way.

“The hospital board of managers proposed it, I’m sure it will go through, it’ll save the taxpayers some $3 million a year.” Wolff said.

Your property taxes, could be cooling down in the midst of a heat wave. And a rise in property appraisals, where property values went up by an average of nine percent, some as much as 72 percent.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner Kevin Wolff said the two actions share a connection

“It’s in direct response to that, we here locally don’t have control over the appraisal process,” Wolff said.

But what Bexar County commissioners do control over — the University Hospital System. They’re proposing a $10,000 property tax exemption for anyone over 65 years old.

“You talk about affordable housing one of the best things you can do is keep seniors in their homes,” Judge Wolff said.

While the break would mean savings for more than 124,000 property owners, it would also leave a shortfall of more than $3 million in revenue for the county. Judge Wolff is not concerned.

“What we live off of is new construction, we’ve got a booming economy so when new property comes onto the tax roll that brings new money into Bexar County,” Judge Wolff said.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert said the board is doing what they can despite a climate they say is not conducive to the taxpayer.

“The county is being responsive in its part on UHS to try and give some more relief there’s a heck of a lot more we need to be doing but the legislature is mainly to blame for the high taxes on your property,” Calvert said.

Multiple commissioners and the judge that they expect this tax break for seniors to go through. Judge Wolff called it a start, and ultimately would love to see UHS freeze taxes for seniors. It’s a move Bexar County made in 2005.

Article originally published by News 4 San Antonio – Adam King