December 20, 2018 admin

Giving back and spending time with the Wolffs this holiday season

Greetings from snowy Vermont! Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving with friends and family - we are thankful for your friendship and support!

The Bexar County Child Welfare Board does incredible work for our community and it was wonderful to be on hand for their annual toy drive last week.

With the holiday season approaching, Commissioner Kevin Wolff is looking forward to spending time with family, traveling, and unwinding after a busy year.

Is it difficult for you to unplug during the holidays?

I admit that it can be hard to unplug. My wife often has to take my phone and iPad away from me while I go through withdrawals. But I’m always grateful when I do because I get to spend time with my wife of 25 years, Sandi, our daughter Sydney, and the extended Wolff family.

Do you usually stay in San Antonio for Thanksgiving?

We usually stay here and celebrate with family, but this year, Sandi and I are looking for a change of pace, so we’re visiting our daughter in Vermont where she goes to college. I’ve heard that the weather during Thanksgiving is either absolutely perfect…or horrible. Apparently, they’re already getting snow flurries. We’re excited.

What about Christmas? How do you typically celebrate?

Each year for Christmas, my father, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, and his brothers bring their entire families together for a mini family reunion. It totals up to about 45 people. Those are always really fun.

My wife and I also choose a different organization or cause to work with every holiday season, like chairing the Witte Game Dinner or volunteering with March of Dimes.

How are you giving back to the community this year?

I plan to give back to the community in a way that I personally benefited back in 1983 when I was in Navy boot camp in San Diego. We’re inviting a service member into our home for the holidays. I know firsthand how important it is to be with family during the holiday season, even if it’s not your biological family. Allowing these service members the opportunity to leave base and take a day off in a family setting is priceless.

Everybody has a responsibility to give back to their community in some form, whether that’s military or volunteering or church, as long as you know it’s your duty.

What were you like as a kid during the holidays?

Nothing but trouble! I had to shake every box under the tree to see what was inside. When I started to question how Santa Claus was getting in the house, I inspected every single hiding place.

Was your daughter the same way?

Sydney was skeptical too, and even went as far as writing two different letters to Santa Claus and mailing one herself to find out the truth. She sat me down after one Christmas and said, “Daddy, I really need to talk to you. Are you Santa Claus?”