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This is your chance to provide input on the next County budget

The County Manager, in partnership with the County Commissioners, is currently strategizing on the 2019-2020 budget. Learn more about the budget process and provide your feedback directly to Commissioner Wolff.

The budget for the County’s next fiscal year, starting October 1 of this year, is currently being strategized and forecasted.

This is an incredibly vital role of the County, as it determines what improvements and changes will be made in the near future.

As a County Commissioner, Kevin Wolff works closely with the County Manager’s office to settle on an annual budget that takes long-range planning into account while also prioritizing the issues that taxpayers feel strongly about. The County Manager’s office communicates with the Commissioners as new items arise, but also work together to create long-term blueprints for the County.

Each year, the new budget is built using a Long-Range Financial Forecast (LRFF), created by the County Manager’s office to forecast where the County will be in the next five years in terms of revenues and expenditures. The LRFF also informs of the timely issues that will need to be addressed in the upcoming budgets.

Throughout the process, the team is always learning from the past as well.

“In many cases, the previous year’s budget process sets the stage for the next year’s process, as issues are identified that need work or studying over the next year for incorporation into the next budget,” said Assistant County Manager Tina Smith-Dean.

While the City of San Antonio has certain responsibilities for which buckets to fund, Bexar County government has its own list of major functions that it handles:

  • Elections
  • Jail Operations
  • Patrol in the unincorporated areas of the County
  • The Criminal Justice System (including the District Attorney and all of the Courts)
  • Tax Assessment and Collection
  • County Parks
  • County Roads
  • Flood Control and Capital Improvements

As a Bexar County resident, if you would like to provide your input on any of the issues that the County is deliberating on, Smith-Dean encourages you to contact your Commissioner, the County Judge, Department Heads, other Elected Officials, or the Public Information Office.[/vc_column_text]


Provide your feedback

Commissioner Wolff wants his Precinct 3 constituents to help ensure their tax dollars are spent efficiently. By completing the survey below, your feedback will be sent directly to the Commissioner and his team, and your voice will be heard.