Where Does Commissioner Wolff Stand?


As your Bexar County Commissioner, Kevin Wolff is focused on building roads, being a fiscal hawk, and protecting our military. Kevin Wolff is adamantly pro-life and knows support for the 2nd Amendment will always keep our families safe. That’s why he will always fight for life and defend our right to keep and bear arms.

“When I’m done I don’t want people to say he was a good politician, I want people to say he was a good statesman.”

By developing relationships with the community and embracing bipartisanship, Commissioner Kevin Wolff uses empathy and real-world experience to craft initiatives. When working with those that have different beliefs than him, Commissioner Kevin Wolff knows how to work together to accomplish what’s best for the people of Bexar County.


Commissioner Wolff knows the importance of efficient transportation in the everyday lives of Bexar County residents today, while always considering the future of our growing region. As the chair of the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Commissioner Wolff has helped pass many initiatives that directly benefit the transportation systems throughout the county.

Veterans Affairs

As a Navy veteran, Commissioner Wolff is passionate about improving the transition of military members to civilian life in San Antonio. With projects like the Military Transition Center, Commissioner Wolff feels it is his duty to give back to those who serve our country.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is Commissioner Wolff’s belief that it’s the job of the government to do more with less. Lower taxes and responsible spending are always top-of-mind for Commissioner Wolff and he brings this belief into every decision he makes as County Commissioner of Precinct 3.

Announcement: Commissioner Wolff has decided not to run for re-election.