Kevin Wolff believes in


Conservative Approach

With decades of experience in banking and business, Commissioner Kevin Wolff brings a conservative perspective to the Commissioners Court.

Overview of Fiscal Responsibility in San Antonio

“As a Bexar County Commissioner, I am responsible, along with the rest of the Commissioners Court, for budgetary, tax, and revenue decisions. As the only Conservative voice on the current Bexar County Commissioners Court, I fight for a responsible use of taxpayers’ money.”

Philosophy of Fiscal Responsibility in San Antonio

“I believe government should do more with less and will continue fighting for lower taxes and responsible spending.”

  1. Since 2008, the tax rate has been cut from $0.326866 to $0.3145, a 3.78% decrease.
  2. With the adoption of the FY 2015-16 Tax Rate of $0.3145, along with the existing Senior Citizen Tax Freeze and the $50,000 Veterans Homestead Exemption, the County saved taxpayers $103.4 million in FY 2015-16 alone.

Fiscal Responsibility Philosophy in Action

  • Saved taxpayers $90 million by convincing his colleagues to reduce the Bexar County ad valorem tax rate for the first time in five years and reduce spending.
  • The only member of Commissioners Court to vote “NO” on the streetcar project.
  • The only member of Commissioners Court to vote “NO” on the County’s 2015-2016 budget because it included spending increases.
  • Opposed City of San Antonio’s 2015-2016 annexation plan because it will raise taxes on those residents and isn’t fiscally sound.
  • Led the effort for the County to assume control of the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority, saving $1.6 million in the yearly operational budget.
  • In 2012, Kevin campaigned against the Pre-K tax, using his own campaign dollars to try to defeat the measure.

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Announcement: Commissioner Wolff has decided not to run for re-election.