Kevin Wolff Fights For


Protecting those who sacrifice

As a veteran of the Navy, Commissioner Kevin Wolff works hard to protect our military and those who sacrifice for their country.

Overview of Military and Veterans Affairs in San Antonio

“Every year about 4,000 people go through San Antonio to transition from military to civilian life. We can’t just call ourselves Military City USA, we have to take the actions that really shows and proves that we are. In the elected position that I serve in today, I know that the best way to serve my constituency is through job creation.”

Philosophy of Military and Veterans Affairs in San Antonio

“I served our nation proudly in the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve and will always fight to make sure our military is protected and prepared. The promise we make to the American people who serve is if they protect us, then we will take care of you. As a former member of the military and former employer, I understand first hand how difficult it is to rejoin civilian life and also how difficult it is to find qualified people.”

Military and Veterans Affairs Philosophy in Action

  • Spearheaded creation of the Bexar County Military and Veterans Services Center, which doubled the County’s services to transitioning service members, veterans, and their families.
  • Secured the future of the important military missions at Camp Bullis by negotiating a plan to protect the habitat of endangered species that reside in northern Bexar County.
  • As Co-Chair of the Military Transformation Task Force, helped usher in the economic development boom associated with the BRAC 2005 expansion of the military medical training mission.

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Announcement: Commissioner Wolff has decided not to run for re-election.